Asobi Asobase (First Impression)

The premise and the wonderful watercolor style promo art really had me interested in this show. I was expecting a very cute anime about simple Japanese games, how wrong I was…

Plot (In my own words):

Asobi Asobase is about Olivia (an American student born and raised Japan), Hanako (an athletic but air-headed girl), and Kasuki (The silent and cool type of girl) and their everyday life playing simple Japanese games. It all came about when it was discovered that Kasuki is terrible at English and so in exchange for showing Olivia simple Japanese culture through games, Olivia was to teach her English. Olivia, however, doesn’t know any English being raised in Japan creating this awkward tension that would eventually lead to a great friendship. 


The plot may sound simple but Asobi Asobase has this surreal artwork and comedy aspect to it that came out of left field. If you love the comedy sense of Pop Team Epic then Asobi Asobase should be next on your watch list! 

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