SSSS. Gridman (First Impression)

Trigger is back again with another original anime but will it meet our high expectations? 


“Yuta Hibiki can’t remember who he is, and now he’s seeing and hearing things that others don’t! A voice from an old computer tells him to remember his calling, and he sees a massive, unmoving creature in the distance. Nothing’s making sense—until the behemoth springs to life! Suddenly, Yuta is pulled into the digital world, reappearing in the real one as the colossal hero—Gridman!” -Crunchyroll

First Impression:

SSSS.Gridman reminded me of Ultraman, which was also referenced in the first episode. The whole concept of a humanoid robot fighting Kaiju (Japanese for “Strange monster”. Think of Godzilla and friends). This anime seems to hone in on the kaiju genre, which was made famous through a series of movies (Godzilla, Gamera, Mecha Godzilla etc.) in the 1950s, with these massive monsters terrorizing urban environments in Japan. As a kid I was in love with Kaiju movie, Godzilla 2000 being one of my favorites, so seeing the concept come back in the form of an anime is great! The signature Trigger art and animation style is back and better than ever, as for the story…there’s not enough to go off of yet but let’s just hope it doesn’t end like Darling in the Franxx did.

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