Overlord III [Review]

The third season in the Overlord series.

Overlord came back for another season and it’s a big deal! Why you ask? Because Madhouse, the animation studio that’s creating Overlord, is infamous for doing a single season for an anime show and NEVER continuing it. And for Overlord to get not two but three?! Anyway, let’s talk about the story, this season Ains Ooal Gown continues with the “world domination” plan and the story takes a dive into the dark side of Overlord. There is much more bloodshed in this show alone than the first two seasons combined. Season two, to many, seemed pointless and didn’t center around Ains Ooal Gown at all. But all of the story and character development in season two, while it doesn’t focus on Ains specifically, set up the stage for season three making giving and overall much richer content. The last episode ended with “and the story goes on” does that mean a potential fourth season? or does that mean something else? What do you think?
Artwork & Animation:
The artwork and animation continue to do very well, but there were some scenes that were neglected. But those scenes were minimal enough to not be that big of an eyesore.
This season we’re introduced to a lot of new characters, two new kingdoms of characters actually as well as a number of new character that is a part of the Great Tomb of Nazarick. While most of them played a pretty minimal role in the grand scheme of things, the three human characters that stole the show were Brain, Climb, and Gazef. The trio showed up a lot in the season 2 as well their importance may be revealed in the upcoming season. But on to our favorite anti-hero Ainz, it’s clear to see that the longer that Ainz stays in this world and commands the Great Tomb of Nazarick the more he loses his humanity. During season one, he had a lot of internal dialogue questioning things, thinking logically, etc. but in season three the dialogue is much more minimal, being retorts for his servants’ strange behaviors or for comedic relief. He even admits that as he kills thousands of human lives, he feels nothing.
Sound (OST & Voice Acting):
The soundtrack expands on the already dark and ominous vibe the first two seasons had emulated. New melodies but the same sound.
Although I miss the funny parts that the first season showed, I still enjoy this darker side of Overlord. I’m curious to see what’s going to happen once Ains losing his humanity completely as well as if there are actual players from Yggdrasil that are also trapped in this world (Yeah you forgot that didn’t you?!).
Overall: Score 8
While the soundtrack and art stay true to what the previous seasons have shown us, the story expands it’s characters and shows us a darker side of Overlord that we haven’t seen yet.
Best Girl: Albedo
Albedo has been the Queen since the very first episode and there has yet to be another worthy enough to even stand in her presence.
 Image result for albedo season 3

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