Tokyo Ghoul:re 2nd Season (First Impression)


This is the second season of Tokyo Ghoul:re

First Impression:

Honestly, the first episode had me pretty confused. It seemed like some time has passed since Kaneki reawakened, and his hair color changed again? Maybe the manga readers have a better idea of what happened in between. But regardless this is it, boys and girls! The final season of Tokyo Ghoul, I have very high expectations for the story and character development I hope to see everyone from both the original Tokyo Ghoul as well as our favorite from Tokyo Ghoul:re all get some screen time and end this awesome series with a bang.



I mean, this is obvious for those that are already watching the Tokyo Ghoul Series. If you’re not watching it, I would highly recommend the series itself! I would also recommend reading the manga (once the series ends so that you don’t spoil anything for yourself) because there are a lot of things that the anime doesn’t touch on or skimmed over or changed completely *cough*TokyoghoulrootA*cough*.

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