Gintama.: Shirogane no Tamashii-hen – Kouhan-sen [Review]

Second Season of the final arc of Gintama.

Gintama continues to be one of the best shounen anime and overall best show I’ve ever seen. The build-up for the showdown with Utsuro was so well done, while a “final battle” scene with all of the characters that ever showed up in the show is a bit cliche, the way it’s handled is articulate and full of intention. The show never ceases to stay both funny as well as very emotional with its backstories. Gintama fans were very worried as the final episode approached because there is still a good amount of story and as each week passes the less anime time there was to finish out the story. The final episodes get a little surprise explaining the rushed ending as well as why the previous season was limited in an episode in the only way Gintama knows best, by breaking the fourth wall. At the end there’s a possible hint that the anime series could continue to finish this out, is this another joke or is this another possibility?? Let’s hope it’s the latter!
Artwork & Animation:
Gintama’s artwork and animation are top-notch, but there isn’t a crazy difference from what it was in the previous season. The whole idea of the honorable samurai setting merged with sci-fi aliens and robots still to this day is a strange concept. Yet Gintama pulls it off like it was always meant to be. Making the impossible possible and if that doesn’t describe Gintama’s style in general, then I don’t know what will!
This season focuses very heavily on Gintoki, Shinsuke, and Utsuro but that doesn’t mean the other characters are neglected. We get a variety of backstories for characters that we already know of as well as for new characters to bring them into the world of Gintama. The character with the most development is Utsuro, we get a glimpse of his origin, his past lives, and some of the different personalities the coexist in his body. The time skip was very exciting (because it’s actually official this time!) and I loved seeing the how it affected our beloved cast (I lost my **** when time skip Yamazaki showed up).
Sound (OST & Voice Acting):
Bringing Spyair back for the opening as well as CHiCO with Honeyworks for the ending was a fantastic choice! The soundtrack pulls from the previous seasons, so nothing entirely new in that department.
Overall: Score 10
The final season…or is it? Gintama holds nothing back and delivers another explosive season full of laughter and tears!
Best Girl: Kagura
Kagura was already the ideal heroine that we all needed but then the time skip hit and knocked all of us off of our feet!

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