Mahou Shoujo Ore [Review]

“Saki Uno is a high school girl and rookie idol who has a crush on Mohiro, her best friend’s older brother. When Mohiro is kidnapped by demons, Saki hastily makes a shady contract to be able to transform into a magical girl, which transforms her body into that of a handsome man.” -Mahou Shoujo Ore (Manga)

Now I’ve seen my share of strange and weird anime, but Mahou Shoujo Ore has to take the cake for the most unorthodox plot. Mahou Shoujo anime is nothing new to the anime world but the fact that instead of only getting a transformation sequence, cute frilly clothes, and magical powers they also get to turn into a ripped beyond reason men! Along with the also ripped squirrel demons (which are both cute and scary at the same time…), it makes for an anime that you can’t help but want to invest some time in. The plot twist was pretty bizarre but not bizarre enough to make me jump out of my seat. It was both predictable and unpredictable. But with all the weird stuff happening so often, nothing surprises you anymore by the third episode. So the wow factor that hooked you in the first episode loses its spark by the end of the third episode.
Artwork & Animation:
Besides the interpretation of the Male Magical Girls and the muscular squirrel-like demons, the art and animation didn’t stand that much. The comedic scenes gave the characters a different art style but the contrast was so dramatic that it made the show more uncomfortable than it already is!
Mahou Shoujo Ore is very limited in the amount of character development that happens throughout the show. Our favorite duo (Saki and Sakuyo) both get a good amount as they’re the main characters. Mohiro also gets some love, as he’s a key element in the show, but other then those three there are only about seven characters that have any importance to the story. While they do get character development it’s very abrupt and you have to accept it.
Sound (OST & Voice Acting):
As this is also partly an idol anime, there are some insert songs that are performed in the show. They were both catchy and not catchy at the same time, as Saki’s character doesn’t have the ability to sing…well. The tone-deaf singing was a double-edged sword, becoming gag for the show but also traumatizing anyone who happened to listen.
I did have a few good laughs throughout the show. I would’ve loved to see more character development for everyone and more Michiru in general.
Overall: Score 5
While the unorthodox setting did leave a lasting impression, the thrill of it all is short lived as the gags get redundant and mundane by the third episode. Strange art change during certain scenes makes the show look sloppy and rushed.
Best Girl: Oogawa Michiru
Three elements make up our best girl: Top idol, clumsy, and too proud for her own good. Michiru hands down made me laugh the most in the entire show! To avoid spoilers I’ll hold back on why but just look at that smile!

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