One Room 2nd Season [Review]

Second season of One Room.
Review of season 1 here

The thing about One Room and what makes it so interesting is that even with only one visible character and a limited amount of locations where the story takes place, it still feel full and complete. One Room relies on the narrative, facial expressions and body language of the different girls alone.
Artwork & Animation:
The artwork is as good and as detailed as the last season. Character designs are also crisp and clean!
Season 2 starts off with the return of Hanasaka Yui, the first girl from the first season. Basically, the second half of her story. We then get Nanahashi Minori, the daughter of a bathhouse owner, and Amatsuki Mashiro an unemployed/ex-gymnast. The two new characters are followed by an emotional story that gives them an underdog type of vibe which makes you want to cheer for them.
Sound (OST & Voice Acting):
The entire soundtrack is pretty limited as the episodes are pretty short. The focus of the soundtrack is the ending songs that are performed by each respective voice actress which are all very high energy and catchy.
One Room is such an easy show to watch, being only five minutes long per episode. But it also shows how a story can be told in a different way, instead of a narrator or characters explaining explicitly what the setting is.
Overall: Score 9
One Room is an excellent anime, the way it constructs a story with just one character and a limited amount of background is incredible. Along with enjoyable characters and intriguing stories, One Room is anime storytelling at its finest.
Best Girl: Amatsuki Mashiro
“Hentai-san”, that phrase alone had me laughing her entire arc. Mashiro starts off a little aggressive but she softens up towards the end and realizes what her passions are and find the goal she really wants. Her story is so uplifting and fun that it was easy to give her the best girl spot.

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