Boogiepop wa Warawanai (2019) (First Impression)


“There is an urban legend that tells of a shinigami that can release people from the pain they are suffering. This “Angel of Death” has a name—Boogiepop. And the legends are true. Boogiepop is real. When a rash of disappearances involving female students breaks out at Shinyo Academy, the police and faculty assume they just have a bunch of runaways on their hands. Yet some students know better. Something mysterious and foul is afoot. Is it Boogiepop or something even more sinister…?” -Seven Seas Entertainment

First Impression:

Before I write anything else, I just wanted to point out that Madhouse (my favorite animation studio ever) will be animating Boogiepop and this isn’t the first time they’ve done it! They animated the same story back in 2000 with the same title, hence why the new version has (2019) attached to the end.

Anyway, I digress. Boogiepop wa Warawanai (2019) is quite interesting, it feels similar to Parasyte in the way that it presents itself. Teenagers surrounded by the supernatural and with a large cast of characters, it’s hard to say who will be the next victim. From what I can tell the story jumps around the timeline a lot, so it’s a little confusing to understand at first but if you pay attention to the details it should be a really interesting story! As for the art, well let’s just say that I’m not overly excited just yet.



The blood and gore may scare away some viewers but if you’re brave enough I’m positive you’ll be rewarded with a well-written yet twisted story. However; I would avoid this if you don’t like horror or gore. 


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