Kakegurui xx (First Impression)


Second season of Kakegurui.

First Impression:

Kakegurui doesn’t beat around the bush on its return and jumps straight into a nerve-racking gamble in which…well I’ll leave out the details for you to find out! All of our favorite characters are back and ready to gamble away their lives as the story continues right after the end of season one. The first part jumps a little bit ahead so don’t get confused when you watch the beginning because it’ll bring it back explain some things towards the end!



Kakegurui is one of those anime which seem trivial on the surface but when you start watching it things get extremely intense! While these gambling games may only seem like simple games for money, the context that Kakegurui builds throughout the bring up the stakes higher and higher with each game. And let’s not forget about the facial expressions that Kakegurui is known for, the nice cute initial character designs are great but when things get dark there’s a spike in detail in the characters facial expression resulting in these uncanny characters that will send chills down your spine.

Of course, if you haven’t watched the first season I would suggest going to do that first! You can read my review of it here

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