Koi to Uso [Review]

“Lies are forbidden. Love is even more forbidden. The time is in the not-so-distant future. In Japan, your marriage partner is selected by the government when you turn 16. Yukari Nejima is a 15-year-old boy who lives in a corner of Japan and has never made much of himself. In grades as well as sports, he ranks below the middle of the pack. However, he conceals a passionate love in his heart.” – Koi to Uso (manga)

Koi to Uso’s story had an interesting beginning with the arranged marriage made by the government and three young kids decide to make a stand and fight against it. But rather than fighting the system be the main force behind the plot, Koi to Uso is a dramatic tug of war. The plot kept going in constant circles and with no progression until the very end, which also wasn’t satisfactory. There are hints of a bigger mystery to the arranged marriage but none of the characters do anything about it and all run away from their problems rather than facing it head-on, resulting in a less than desirable outcome.
Artwork & Animation:
If there’s one thing that can save this anime it’s the art. The character designs are wonderful and the overall color scheme has a nice pastel palette. On the animation side, there isn’t a lot of scenes where heavy animation is needed, so there’s no surprise that the animation is typical.
The most important aspect of this show, as well as the most disappointing. Our main characters, of course, get a majority of screen time but typically it’s the same situation whenever they show up, making everything repetitive. There are other characters that show up but after that one scene they are irrelevant and are only referenced for the rest of the show. And finally let’s talk about our main protagonist, Nejima Yukari. Nejima’s indecisive nature makes the show drag on and uncomfortable to watch as he constantly jumps between Ririna and Misaki. Nejima’s reason for liking Misaki is nothing but superficial adornment. His character is nothing developed or special enough to be loved by these characters as he stays static and indecisive throughout the entire show. And just when you think he gets the courage to make a decision, it’s the worst one.
Sound (OST & Voice Acting):
Who can forget KANASHII KANASHII KANASHII~~ as it became a pretty big meme when Koi to Uso was airing. If Koi to Uso had a redeeming factor it was the art and the soundtrack. The music for Koi to Uso is both fun and serene. With the piano being the lead a lot of the track, it showcases the variety of music you can make with only a handful of instruments.
The show was interesting at first but I started to lose interest as the show went on. The circling plot was the most frustrating thing about the show because it felt like I was watching the same episode over and over again. I might pick up the manga and see how it ends because maybe the anime didn’t do a good job of adapting it.
Overall: Score 5
While it showed great promise in the beginning, Koi to Uso falls short at the end as the characters and situation remain nearly the same as it was in the beginning. A love square that never gets resolve and with mysteries still surrounding the government arranged marriage system, the anime ends on a frustrating note.
Best Girl: Sanada Ririna
Ririna was a favorite the moment she appeared in the show. And as the one with the most character development, we understand her action and her position in the story. She deserves someone better than Nejima!!


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