Release the Spyce [Review]

“A lone high school girl named Momo attends a high school in the city of Sorasaki. Unbeknownst to everyone, Momo is an agent who works for the private intelligence agency Tsukikage, that protects the city and its people. Under the tutelage of her senior Yuki, and her other friends, they keep the peace in the city.” -ANN

“Spies are liars” -Yuki Hanzomon


Release the Space may seem like a “cute girls doing cute things” type of show, but underneath that facade is a well-written and exhilarating story. The beginning is as anyone would imagine it, cute and adorable. But as the story progresses, it gets relatively darker as Tsukikage starts dealing with Moryou, an evil organization. Yuki Hanzomon’s scar over her right eye should be a sign that this isn’t any ordinary anime. As scars and injury represent something that is lost whether that be a battle, a body part, or something more. Release the Spyce’s excellent pacing allows you to enjoy the character as they live their lives as well as their feats while defending Sorasaki City from the evil hands of Moryou.

Artwork & Animation:

Needless to say, the art and animation of Release the Spyce is articulate and very rewarding to watch as each fight determine whether or not they come back live. The character designs are slick and represent each character’s personality quite well. Surprisingly there’s a lot of architecture (and because I’m getting a masters in architecture, I’m all over that) present in the show, both existing and fictional. The details in the background art are articulate and mesmerizing, creating a much more immersive story had it not been clearly detailed.


While they are cute, don’t get me wrong, the characters of Release the Spyce are also more than that. The character development for the whole cast is phenomenal and each character contributes immensely to the overall mood and pace of the story. Momochi’s experience in battle, the teacher and student relationships, and even the conflict between Tsukikage and Moryou all develop evenly together. This creates a more meaningful and immersive storyline increasing the tension and consequences of a character’s actions throughout the show.

Sound (OST & Voice Acting):

The soundtrack is quite diverse, ranging from traditional Japanese music to some jazz fusion as well as just solo character tracks with an acoustic guitar and vocals. There are a number of characters songs that make an appearance as well.


I’ve hardly seen anything about this show, outside of some gifs here and there on social media. Release the Spyce is such a good show and it deserves more attention than it’s getting!

Overall: Score 10

Release the Spyce may seem like your average cute girls doing cute things anime, but the actual story is much deeper than that. With fluid and articulate animations, deep and relatable characters, along with a diverse soundtrack Release the Spyce as been one of my favorite shows to watch to date! 

Best Girl: Yuki Hanzomon

Yuki’s cool nature already made her top tier but add in her ability in combat as well as her compassion for her fellow team member (especially Momochi *wink*) makes her one of the most lovable characters in the show. (ALSO CAN WE TALK ABOUT THE ANIMATION IN HER GIF PLEASE.)

Image result for yuki hanzomon

Honorable Mention: Mei

I’ve always been a fan of quick-witted characters! Mei also made me feel 7 other emotions that I didn’t realize I had in me throughout the show and this deserves an honorable mention! Plus side-ponytails for the win

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