Dagashi Kashi 2 [Review]

Second season of Dagashi Kashi.
You can read my review of season 1 —-> here (it’s an old review so bear with me!)

Dagashi Kashi’s first season was made by feel. but due to a number of events, the following season was handed over to Tezuka Productions. Tezuka productions slightly changed the direction and the character designs of the show, for the better in my opinion, and brought Dagashi Kashi back to life. Season 2, focuses much more on the characters and the storyline than it does the dagashi (Japanese snacks). While the dagashi still has a presence, the main focus is the characters and their development. Tezuka Productions also shortened the episode to roughly 15 minutes, rather than your typical 26-28 minutes. What this does is allow for higher quality art and a much more concise storyline.
Artwork & Animation:
As mentioned above, with the studio change the character designs changed a bit but they are very slight changes. It features a slightly different style that involves a new type of shading but it doesn’t throw off the groove of what the first season has already built. The animation is as great as ever, a lot of flashy moves to emphasize the characters and the dagashi.
The most important aspect of the show, besides dagashi. There’s a lot of character development that happens for the whole cast but mainly Kokonatsu. Kokonatsu’s journey to finding his true passion along with the shenanigans that the rest of his friends bring to the candy store is what makes the story so interesting and vibrant. The ending does leave a lot to be desired as there’s a lot of implication of more character development.
Sound (OST & Voice Acting):
Dagashi Kashi’s soundtrack is as eccentric as Hotaru featuring funky and wacky tunes with different instruments. There are a few piano pieces for those touching moments throughout the show.
I enjoyed Dagashi Kashi, not only is learning about Japanese snacks fun but the eccentric characters and the gags/jokes in the show are always funny and enjoyable. The only problem I had was that the episodes were too short!
Overall: Score 9
Even after changing animation studios, Dagashi Kashi continues to be an enjoyable show about Japanese snacks. While the snacks have less of a presence than they did in season one, that allowed for more character development to occur making this a must watch for fans of the first season!
Best Girl: Endou Saya
Saya still holding that spot firmly even with significantly less screen time! As one of the most lovable and hard-working characters in the show, it’s no wonder she’s still the best!

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