Sansha Sanyou [Review]

“Having gone from pampered to poor after the bankruptcy of her father’s company, Youko Nishikawa struggles to drop her princess-like persona and make friends at her all-girls high school. One day, while eating alone in a nearby forest, she has a chance encounter with Futaba Odagiri, the super-energetic transfer student, and Teru Hayama, an innocent-looking girl with a surprisingly direct and sometimes mean personality. Despite their differing personalities, the three girls who all have the kanji for “leaf” in their name begin an unlikely friendship as they try to navigate through an amusing and spontaneous adventure known as high school life.” -MAL Rewrite

Sansha Sanyou’s charm comes from the simplicity in its story. The slice of life is simple and straight forward making it an easy watch for all types of anime fans. There is a little progression in the plot, most of which are the introductions of new characters and Yoko’s growth as a person.
Artwork & Animation:
While the coloring and the background art of the show aren’t extraordinary, it’s pretty enough to gather some attention. The color palette gives off a warm and fuzzy feeling, bringing out the friendship vibes that Youko, Futaba, and Teru all give off. On the other hand, the animation gets ridiculously smooth in certain points in the show. But they’re used strategically, whether that’s the squirming motion of the girls fawning over cats or Futaba playing the air guitar with a broom, these comedic scenes are enhanced with the extra frames create more impact and memorability to those scenes.
There’s no surprise that Yoko would get the most character development out of our entire cast. The rest of the characters are more like support for her as well as comic relief.
Sound (OST & Voice Acting):
The soundtrack for the show plays it safe and as it’s partly a gag anime there’s a large number of repeated tracks throughout the show. Meaning they’re simple, it sticks to the traditional anime-esque sound, and they’re repeatable. So, in conclusion, it’s decent but could’ve had some more effort put in.
I enjoyed Sansha Sanyou, it’s easy and fun to watch. I used it as a breather between marathoning shows and it’s refreshing every time. The cute characters and the cats are to die for!
Overall: Score


Sansha Sanyou is all about it’s fun and wacky characters and wonderful animation. The simple story and warm color palette make the show a very easy watch!
Best Girl: Serina Nishiyama
Her competitive and strict front paired with her love for her cat and cute personality makes for quite a deadly combination! Nishiyama, other than having the best character design, in my opinion, is the most entertaining character on the screen, there’s always something fun waiting to happen when she’s around!

Image result for sansha sanyou cats


Image result for sansha sanyou cats

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