Sword Art Online: Revive (Prologue)

“Link start!”

There was a burst of color and sound as it ran through its system checks: sight, touch, taste, sound, and smell. As each of your senses get checked, it is systematically disconnected from the brain and re-routed to the Nerve-Gear, a new advanced technology that allowed free movement in a virtual world. As quickly as it started, the system check left a black space without a sound. Then, a small window opened up.

>>No character data found. Create character data?

>Yes        No

With more of a thought than a selection, the character creation screen came up. It asked for a nickname. I typed, “Takeshi”. Then the system proceeded to ask for my gender, which then displayed two avatar models: a male and female. Selecting the male, I picked short black hair after scrolling through the selections as it seemed like the right choice.

>>Once confirmed these selections cannot be changed. Confirm?

>Yes        No

A dim white light slowly grew on the edge of my vision, and I was greeted to a glimpse of a strange sight. Confused I took in my surroundings and slowly I began to realize this isn’t my room anymore…I’m was in a new world, the world of Sword Art Online.


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