Grand Blue [Review]

Grand Blue

  • Studios: Zero-G
  • Source: Manga
  • Genres: Slice of Life, Comedy, Seinen
  • Synopsis: “Iori Kitahara moves to the coastal town of Izu for his freshman year at its university, taking residence above Grand Blue, his uncle’s scuba diving shop. Iori has high hopes and dreams about having the ideal college experience, but when he enters the shop he is sucked into the alcoholic activities of the carefree members of the Diving Club who frequent the place. Persuaded by upperclassmen Shinji Tokita and Ryuujirou Kotobuki, Iori reluctantly joins their bizarre party. His cousin Chisa Kotegawa later walks in and catches him in the act, earning Iori her utter disdain.” – MAL Rewrite

Oh my goodness, where to start with this masterpiece. While Grand Blue seems like a slice of life about diving, it’s more accurate to say it’s a slice of life about college. The story is packed with wonderful and…interesting characters! As a recent college graduate, I’ve had my fair share of parties and alcohol. And to see these character down alcohol and party hard, it really hits the funny bones (in a good way!). But underneath the comedy, there is a more meaningful plot and the bonds that these characters create move along very well throughout the episodes.
Artwork & Animation:
Grand Blue’s art focuses on facial expressions and its funnier and funnier the more you see them. The art and animation bring the designs and setting from the manga to life. The animations are simple but it works well for the show.
All the characters have a good amount of character development, more so the younger characters than the older ones. I love Iori’s transition from being very reserved to go all out with the boys in a matter of minutes within the first episode. The bonds that are created and strengthened throughout the show are nothing to brush off, they all feel genuine and organic making for a very appealing cast.
Sound (OST & Voice Acting):
As Grand Blue is one of the show where it’s unpredictable, the soundtrack must be able to accompany whatever wacky situation the casts throw themselves into. That calls for a very diverse soundtrack with a few “go-to” tunes for specific types of moments. Track 07 “Let’s sleep a little more …” is my personal favorite and the song I nicknamed “Sexy time…or not?”. You’ll understand if you listen to it and if you listen to it after you’ve watched the entire show, you’ll burst out laughing, 100% guaranteed.
Grand Blue came out of the BLUE and by the time I had finished the first episode it was the hook, line, and sinker. The outrageous and boisterous comedy that is presented in the show is fantastic and will have you falling out of your chair laughing.
Overall: Score


Hands down, one of the best comedy shows I’ve seen to date. Grand Blue’s eccentric characters, unorthodox story, an excessive amount of alcohol consumption hits a soft spot somewhere in my heart.

Best Girl: Kotegawa Nanaka
Definitely one of the harder decisions I’ve had to make in a while. Nanaka Moe Gap from being a dependable older sister character to full-blown Siscon is hard to beat. Not to mention her docile nature within the boisterous group of friends creates its own unique dynamic that completes the package.

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