Kyuuketsuki Sugu Shinu (First Impression)

Kyuuketsuki Sugu Shinu
  • Source Material: Manga
  • Studio: Madhouse
  • Genre: Comedy, Supernatural, Shounen
  • Synopsis: “Vampires are said to have many weaknesses such as garlic, crosses, and sunlight. Game-loving vampire lord Draluc just so happens to be weak to… everything. He dies, turning into a pile of ash, at the slightest shock. After Vampire Hunter Ronaldo learned of a castle inhabited by a vampire rumoured to have kidnapped a kid, he went there intending to take the devil down. However, the vampire turned out to be Draluc, a wimp who keeps turning into ash at the smallest things. Moreover, the kid wasn’t being held captive—he was just using the “haunted house” as his personal playground! When his castle is destroyed, Draluc moves into Ronaldo’s office, much to the other’s chagrin. Despite their differences, they must try to work together to defend themselves from rogue vampires, Ronaldo’s murderous editor, investigators, and more—with Draluc dying continuously along the way.” -MU (amended by myanimelist)

First Impression:

Madhouse is taking on quite a bit this season, along with an original anime (Takt Op. Destiny) in conjunction with Mappa, they are also adapting Kyuuketsuki Sugu Shinu! From the PVs, the artwork was what caught my attention, I enjoyed the vibrant colors and the exaggerated expressions! Let’s dive in!

Right off the bat, I’m already loving the dynamic between Ronaldo and Draluc. The egoistic Vampire Hunter with the timid Draluc makes for an entertaining duo! The running gag of the Draluc immediately dying at any given situation followed by retorts from Ronaldo never fail to liven up a scene! Though my question is…HOW DOES DRALUC KEEP COMING BACK?!

The fact that this entire exchange in happening right next to the “kidnapped” kid in question just makes the entire scene absolutely hilarious! Though the more I hear Ronaldo talk…the more I question whether if he’s actually a great vampire hunter like he says he is!

There are these really fun moments throughout the episode where it’s either mad chaos or pure silence and while there’s nothing important happening that contributes to the story, these freeze frames just make me burst into laughter! My favorite had to be the scene where Ronaldo steps on Draluc’s QCQ (The off-brand PSP lol) and they all just stare at the crushed handheld in disbelief, and Draluc proceeded to die and disintegrate into a pile of vampiric sand.

While I really enjoy the character designs, The backgrounds are wasn’t doing it for me. There are times where it’s great, like the views to Draluc’s burning castle, but there are times, like the convenient store windows, where there are just solid stripes of color. I’m not sure how I feel about the overall representation of glare or reflections like on glass or the shiny table. It’s really rigid, and I’m not a fan…yet…maybe it’ll grow on me as the show goes on but we’ll see.



While I find the backgrounds to be a bit awkward, the characters and comedy is enough to keep me enjoying the show! I can’t wait to see the other characters and how they react to Draluc just hanging around!

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