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BNA (Brand New Animal) [Review]

BNA picks up from the success of Kill la Kill and Promare and learns from the mistakes of Darling in the Franxx to pick Studio Trigger back on its feet! The signature wacky art style that Trigger is known for makes a valiant return paired with a well developed story and characters makes for an interesting show about acceptance and unity. 

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BNA (First Impression)

“In the 21st century, the existence of animal-humans came to light after being hidden in the darkness of history. Michiru lived life as a normal human, until one day she suddenly turns into a tanuki-human. She runs away and takes refuge in a special city area called “Anima City” that was set up 10 years ago for animal-humans to be able to live as themselves. There Michiru meets Shirō, a wolf-human who hates humans. Through Shirō, Michiru starts to learn about the worries, lifestyle, and joys of the animal-humans. As Michiru and Shirō try to learn why Michiru suddenly turned into an animal-human, they unexpectedly get wrapped up in a large incident.” -ANN

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