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Kirito’s Top 10 Anime Openings (Feb 28th, 2021)

Having watched the ridiculous amount of anime that I have…there are a lot of opening that I’ve seen so creating this top 10 is also a restriction for myself to keep it short and sweet haha. When looking at openings, I look for a number of things: Music selection, animation, composition, and story element integration. Alright let’s dive in!

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Gintama (2017) [Review]

 Season 4 of Gintama! There is much hype about the return of Gintama! And with the ending coming up soon the story begins to build up a lot of tension! ————————————————————————- Story: Compared to the previous seasons, the fourth season of the show is a lot more serious and dark tone throughout the show. Focusing primarily on the Battle on

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