Gintama (2017) [Review]

 Season 4 of Gintama!
There is much hype about the return of Gintama! And with the ending coming up soon the story begins to build up a lot of tension!
Compared to the previous seasons, the fourth season of the show is a lot more serious and dark tone throughout the show. Focusing primarily on the Battle on Rakuyo Arc! Most of the arc deals with Utsuro, aka Shoyo, and his real identity, a monster with immortality. As well as more insight on the relationship between Umibouzu, Kagura, Kamui, and their mom, Kouka. Everyone will be heading on the feels train real quick! This season, in essence, is the kickstart for the final season that is to come, with the confrontation between Shoyo and his past students being the final showdown!
Artwork & Animation:
Art and animation is top-notch as always! Fight scene are bloody and intense, always keeping you at the edge of your seat!
This season was short but it has a lot, and I mean A LOT of character development for our entire main cast! Everyone gets a little something, even baddies like Kamui and Utsuro get these rather intricate backstories that bring their characters to life.
Sound (OST & Voice Acting):
As usual a great cast with amazing OP and ED, there’s little to complain about the quality! I do want to mention Rie Kugimiya’s voice acting prowess! I had no idea that she voiced Kouka until after I looked it up!
Being my favorite anime of all time, of course it’s a masterpiece!
Overall: score 10
Gintama once again delivers a spectacular story with great comedy and amazing characters, there’s not much else you can ask for! Extremely sad that the season would only be 12 episodes, but I’m confident that Gintama will make a triumphant return and blow us away with a season finale!

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