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Sword Art Online: Alicization (First Impression)

I honestly didn’t think that Sword Art Online would come back after the second season in Gun Gale Online, but man I’m not complaining. Starting off with a 40-minutes episode to start off the new portion of the show was a good idea, allows for an introduction to this new arc as well as some scene to remind the audience on what’s already happened. The art and animation already caught my attention within the first few minutes, ALMOST like something ufotable would’ve done. The coloring and lighting made everything pop and visually stimulating. But las it’s not ufotable and therefore will have some flaws, such as the loss of detail lines in Alice’s hair. On the story side, Alicization brings back the danger and fear of virtual reality, after watching both season 1 and 2 we’ve grown used to the idea of VR and “dying” as a concept. Alicization brings back death in a new frightening way, renewing that tension that we first experience in the first season of SAO. 

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