Haikyuu!! [10/10]

Ok holy crap so a lot of people were telling me and pushing me to watch this one and I have to say I’m disappointed in myself for waiting so long to actually watch this!! The characters throughout the series were phenomenal from when they first met and to when the bonds between the team really begin to show. Never have I been so tensed up at a sports anime (although I don’t really watch that much sports anime….). Another reason I love HAIKYUU is also because I LOVE VOLLEYBALL XD, This got me more motivated to play more than you would think XD. The character designs were great, everyone has a different distinct personality and that’s also the magic of the anime because of how they come together even though they’re so different from each other. The one that changed the most was Kageyama being able to trust in his teammates on the court. BUT LET’S BE HONEST KIYOKO SHIMIZU IS BAE AND THERE’S NO DENYING IT XD. It’s been a while since an anime got my heart racing like this one XD From start to finish Haikyuu was basically an intense roller coaster ride! It starts of fast and ends with a refreshing finale. IF THERE’S NO SEASON 2 I WILL GO MAKE IT MYSELF.

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