Harukana Receive (First Impression)

Sports anime are one of my favorite genres to watch not only because of the high energy that they typically have but also the animation and the masterful way that the animator moves the character to perform certain moves. Haikyuu pumped me up for volleyball in general and now Harukana Recieve is here to pump me up for beach volleyball! They both may be volleyball but when you’re on the sand it’s a whole other ball game.

Plot (In my own words):

Oozora Haruka just moved to Okinawa, to live with her cousin Higa Kanata and their grandparents. Haruka is tall and full of energy, whereas Kanata is short and very quiet. Not being able to contain her excitement of finally living in Okinawa and being so close to the beach Haruka ventures out on her own. Through a series of events, Haruka meets two beach volleyball players. The energy and excitement of the match makes Haruka hunger for more and she drags Kanata, who seems to shrinks the moment she hears beach volleyball, along with her. Could this unlikely duo be the ones to make it to the top?


Just from first glance, the animation is probably what caught my eye the most. There are certain techniques that were used that I haven’t seen often. Like a still frame and the camera pans around the characters and the oddly smooth sand that falls from Haruka’s shoulders. There’s a lot of immediate story elements that could make this a good anime but only time will tell if is one or not.

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