Psycho-Pass: The Movie [10/10]

WOW JUST WOOOOOOW. After seeing the entire masterpiece, I can assure you that words cannot describe how beautifully crafted this movie was. Everything about the movie was utterly flawless, the story, the animation, the references back to the original anime, and even deeper character development for our beloved characters from both season 1 and season 2. The quality of the animation just blew me away, it was so smooth and the fight scenes were very articulated and fluid, not to mention very satisfying to watch. The story kept me at the edge of my seat (or in this case bed covered in snacks) and kept me thinking throughout the movie, and the end result was nothing I could’ve forseen(although Shimotsuki is still a bitch). During the credits I just kept thinking, how far is the Sybil System’s reach? What is Kougami really fighting against? Do I ship GinoxTsunemori or KougamixTsunemori?Did Yayoi and Shion frick frack while Tsunemori was overseas, because they did it in season 1 and 2?? So many mysteries still linger in my mind. I pray to the anime kamisamas for season 3!!!! X3


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