Log Horizon 2nd Season [9/10]

Woo! Anime this season are on fire! I was already a big fan of Log horizon when it first came out last year and was really ecstatic about it at the end when they announced a second season for it! And the 2nd season does not disappoint! It kind of slowed down a bit with all the political stuff going on towards the beginning but then it starting picking up with a possible war between the People of the Land and the Adventurers! AND THAT’S NOT ALL!! There might be a way to return back to the original world but that’s all I’m gonna say I don’t wanna spoil to much . And we get to witness crazy raid battles in this season which are FREAKING RIDICULOUS, I’ve never played any MMORPG’s but watching the raid battles gave me an idea of how much thought needs to be put into trying to beat the very difficult bosses. But the things that was very interesting about the 2nd season was that we were slightly introduced to the “Real” Shiroe in the real world and what I REALLY REALLY like about that was the the character design for the “real” Shiroe was more defined and more detailed than when they were in the game. I thought that that really gave it some definition between reality and virtual reality. Hopefully we see more of this in the next season! BECAUSE THAT ENDING WASN’T ENOUGH AGAIN IF I DON’T GET SEASON 3 I. WILL. BREAK. LIMBS.

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