Non Non Biyori Repeat 10/10

I fell in love with Non Non Biyori since the first season, and my feelings didn’t change when I watched Repeat. For those of you that think this is a sequel, it’s not. It’s more of a recap of the year that Hotaru moved to the country-side, BUT DON’T BE FOOLED. Yes, I did say that it was a recap but Non Non Biyori Repeat covers different events that occur during that same year that Hotaru move to the country-side. Non Non Biyori is a masterpiece because of 3 things, the characters and their interactions, the sceneries, and the music. The relationship between Hotaru, Renge, Natssun, and Komari is just really great to watch, it really puts a smile to your face seeing them laugh and have fun, like the good old days when you didn’t have to worry about paying bills, studying for the next exams, or looking for a job to support yourself. It brings ease to your mind and make you forget about the adult stuff and kinda relax in a sense. The scenery was a BIG plus for me, just the attention to detail really brought forth the surroundings and setting of the story, it’s really beautiful, I’ll pause the video just so I can really take in the views that are portrayed. And lastly the music is really simple but it just explains the mood without needing anymore than a simple piano or a recorder. There’s really nothing wrong with Non Non Biyori, Silver link did a really good job with it and I hope to see some more stuff from them soon!

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