Gakkou Gurashi [10/10]

Before I go into this review, I want to do a shout out to that anon that recommended this one to me, I almost didn’t even watch it but thanks to them I got to see this wonderful masterpiece. Also because I don’t want to spoil ANYTHING about this the review will be hidden from wandering eyes. If you haven’t seen it yet just do it and don’t read this review


Gakkou Gurashi really threw me off on the first episode, I mean I thought it was going to be something like Non Non Biyori where the girls just live their lives and have fun……BUT I WAS WRONG. The combination of Moe characters and Zombie horror elements actually worked very well with each other, it’s been a while since an anime could make me tense up and flinch. The timing of those “scary” scene were really great and just shows what kind of dire situation the girls are in. What really fascinates me is how Lerche (the animation studio) was able to hide the entire story in basically the first 3 episodes. Looking back at them now (because I’m showing my other friends to scar them for life), I noticed bits and pieces that would later be revealed in the later episodes. And that’s freaking amazing!!! An example would be the first episode where it shows Megu-nee’s grave, when I watched it the first them I didn’t even notice it, but when I watched it again, I completely lost it and couldn’t stop myself from screaming. The psychological aspect of Gakkou Gurashi really messed with my emotions with Megu-nee not really being there and the first episode where Yuki was imagining the school still being “normal”. This is one of those anime that you show your friend so that they freak out at the end and yell at you for showing it to them. Trust me it works, EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.

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