Haikyuu!!: Karasuno Koukou VS Shiratorizawa Gakuen Koukou [Review]

(Alright I’m trying a new format so let me know if you guys like it XD.)

WOW JUST WOW. There was so much hype going into this third season, and Production I.G. delivered! I’ve been hyped since season 2 ended, and I’m so happy it turned out so good! TTuTT


“Don’t you dare look down! Volleyball…is a sport where you’re always looking up!”

-Ukai Keishin

The story continues right where season 2 left off. The match between Shiratorizawa and Karasuno will take an entire 10 episodes filled with intense volleyball, and character development from beginning to end. I think using all 10 episodes for the match was a brilliant idea because there is so much going on: the plays, the quick flashbacks of each player, the emotions in the game, and the burning passion to beat the other team. It would be impossible to take all that and compress it into a mere 5 or so episodes. So Cheers to Production I.G. for a job well done.

Artwork & Animation:
The opening is stunning!! The fluidity of each bump, spike, and block look silky smooth! And the animation in all 10 episodes was consistent and animated enough to make your body tense up from the anticipation and excitement!

There was so much character development in every single character on the court that you can’t help but root for everyone! On the Karasuno side, you get to see Tsukki actually start being competitive about volleyball, and of course Hinata who does everything he can to reach the top against Ushijima! But on the Shiratorizawa side, we have great characters like Tendou, Goshiki, and the man himself Ushijima! But of course, we all rooting for Karasuno to pull through!

Sound (OST & Voice Acting):
Having The Burnout Syndromes come back and do another opening for season 3 was such a great idea, because they’re sound is very fitting for the vibe that Haikyuu gives off! Nico Against the Wall was also a great choice for the ending! The OST during the matches and flashbacks scene were fitting, keeping me engaged in the match! Voice acting was great as always! But as some of you may know Kazunari Tanaka (Keishin Ukai’s Voice Actor) passed away before the anime finished airing, so you can hear a voice change, which is most prominent in episode 10. I hope for the best for Tanaka-san’s family and friends.

Every day that Haikyuu came out, it was anime night our my house because my friends and I love to play volleyball and we all love Haikyuu so when there was a new episode we would all gather in the living room, hook up my laptop to the big screen and all yell at the tv together! The intensity of the game was unreal! So if you haven’t seen Haikyuu before PLEASE watch from episode 1 or even better read the manga!
Overall: 10
Haikyuu deserves nothing less than a perfect 10, everything was made to the best of the animating studio’s abilities and it came out with a great anime! Much hype for the (hopefully) 4th season! Oh and there seem to be hints of a Fukurodai and Nekoma match in an OVA???? Let’s keep our fingers crossed!

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