Akiba’s Trip: The Animation [Review]

“An urban legend describes monsters known as “bugged ones” lurk in dark corners of Akihabara, the paradise of anime. When Tamotsu Denkigai encounters one, he is almost killed but saved at the last moment by a girl named Matome Mayonaka, who repels the attack and later revives him.” -ANN
Do not be fooled! Akiba’s Trip: The Animation is completely different from the game! The only things that the anime nd the game have in common, is that it takes place in Akihabara, Japan and enemy are defeated via stripping!
With the story being different from the game, I wondered how what kind of story would the adaptation give us. Overall the story is pretty cliche, a bad guy is trying to take over Akihabara and a plain main character is forced into the war that he didn’t know existed. What makes this anime fun to watch is how it hits on almost every anime fans’ addictions like figure collecting, cosplay, video games, maids, idols etc. All the situations that our main cast encounter is something that, we as anime fans, can relate to! And that’s what makes the anime so funny and amusing!
Artwork & Animation:
To be frank, it’s bland. Sure, there are different colored hair characters and the frilly clothes attract the eye, but it lacks an “oomph” to bring out the artwork and animation. I will compliment on all the stripping scenes though!
With an assortment of quirky characters, both main and side cast, it’s hard to get bored watching the show. Although there is little to no character development at all besides for two of the main character, and it doesn’t even include our main protagonist!
Sound (OST & Voice Acting):
I have to say, the OST is fantastic, all the music including the opening theme as well as every single ending theme exudes the environment of Akihabara, this happy anime land of sorts. Also with music by petit milady, Earphones, every♥ing! and more, of course, all them will be good!
I did enjoy Akiba’s trip quite a bit, but I wish there were better artwork and a more compelling story.
Overall: score 6
Akiba’s Trip has a cliche story and awfully boring artwork, but with exotic characters as well as familiar scenarios to an anime lover’s life it’s sure to make you laughing episode after episode!

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