Comic Girls [Review]

“15-year-old high school student and manga creator Kaoruko Moeta uses the pen name Chaos. After ranking at the bottom of a reader survey, Kaoruko’s editor recommends that she enter an all-female dormitory for manga creators. Kaoruko’s roommates are shōjo manga creator Koyume Koizuka, teen romance manga creator Ruki Irokawa, and shōnen manga creator Tsubasa Katsuki. The girls support each other as they work to become better manga creators.” -Comic Girls (manga)

This adorable slice of life anime about four young mangaka, manga artist, living in a dorm as a way to attain school as well as hone their craft in the art of making manga. With deadlines packed in their schedule as well as school and school work to keep up with, it’s extremely fun to see how the characters balance between the two. Seeing Chaos-sensei, as well as the other girls both, grow as people and manga artist is quite a fulfilling journey and their hiccups along the way keep the show fresh and entertaining. Comic girls into a good amount of detail, though it’s still only scratching the surface, of manga creation and what it takes to get something published. Not to mention the ridiculous deadlines that have to be met to have a continuing series. While Comic Girls is a moe-filled comedy, it has a handful of soft and tender moments that make it special and memorable.
Artwork & Animation:
With an anime like this focusing on different genres of manga, it’s crucial to have a variety of art styles. it’s nice to see how the mangakas go about drawing the manuscripts. And each genre’s art style is significantly different and for that to be incorporated in this show, it helps build the world as well as the characters. Even Chaos-sensei’s chibis show how she is as a character: cute, small, and adorable. The overall art and animation of Comic Girls is colorful and energetic, the full of bright colors along the occasional melancholy color scheme for a certain character.
Though Chaos-sensei is the main focus of the show, Comic girls still allows the other characters to shine no matter how little of a role they play in the show. Each girl overcomes their struggles and grows in their own way.
Sound (OST & Voice Acting):
Chaos, Ruki, Tsubasa, and Kouyume join forces and form Comic Girls and perform both the opening and ending themes! While singing the themes is already a good achievement, the entire cast of this show knocks the voice acting out of the park. Each line is delivered with sincerity and makes all of the characters that much more likable.
Comic Girls was such a joy to watch, not only was it entertaining and visually appealing, it was also very informative in the way it handles the technical aspect of the manga making process. Fingers crossed for season two!
Overall: Score 10
Comic Girls, though may seem like a Moe trap, is actually an entertaining show that is very technical in the showcase of manga creation. With excellent attention to detail in both the artwork and the story, Comic girls dominates the spring season with it’s charming and funny characters.
Best Girl: Fuura Suzu
It was extremely difficult to pick a best girl but after a moment of deliberation, I decided that Fuura-senpai should take the crown. Though every single girl was adorable in their own way, Fuura-senpai always had an impact every time she was on screen! Her uncanny entry into room tied with her compassionate way of teaching and helping other makes for a unique and forgettable character.


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