Nanatsu no Taizai: Imashime no Fukkatsu [Review]

“Melodias, Hawk, and Elizabeth retook the Kingdom of Leones from the Holy Knights. The festival went off without a hitch and the crew enjoyed their well-earned peace. And yet, another threat looms on the horizon. The Ten Commandments, a group of elite demon clan warriors, have their sights set on the kingdom.” -ANN

Nanatsu no Taizai is back and their enemies are even stronger than ever, the Ten Commandments are no pushovers! Stronger enemies in a shounen anime more often than not result in the main cast going through a training arc to get stronger. Usually, the training arcs are very exciting because they build up to a very intense fight, but the Ten Commandments are so powerful that the holy knight barely broke even in powerful, besides Meliodas who is on another spectrum of strength. The training arc itself wasn’t long nor was it that informal, we only get snippets of each person’s training and the most of the results weren’t even showcased in this season. Hawk does gain a magical item that allows him to see the power level of character, it gives us a good idea of how powerful each character compared to the others. While this is helpful the base of strength is lost and we lose sight of just how powerful Meliodas is. 
Artwork & Animation:
The art and animation continue to blow me away, the amount of destruction that happens in each fight is so satisfying! We’re introduced to new landscapes and characters each as unique as the last.
Meliodas now embracing the dark side that we’ve seen time and time again in the previous season becomes much stronger and while that good because he can defeat the Ten Commandments and save the world, it makes the other character irrelevant. The strength gap between Meliodas and everyone else was widened in such a short amount of time that it killed him as a character.
Sound (OST & Voice Acting):
Sawano Hiroyuki still crushing it with the powerful and emotional soundtracks. The soundtrack continues to stick with the medieval sound with a lot of war drums, powerful horns, and ominous strings. ”Howling” by FLOW x GRANRODEO brings back the vibe from the first season tying the seasons together in a musical way. “Chikai (誓い)” by Sora Amamiya is perfect ending with it’s calming and melodic sound.
I love Nanatsu no Taizai but, I wasn’t feeling it this season. It felt so piece mealy the way the story came together. While there were a lot of emotional and intense scenes, it wasn’t as impactful as the previous seasons.
Overall: Score 8
Nanatsu no Taizai continues onto another season continuing to dish out wonderful art and animation paired with a breathtaking soundtrack. However; the story is rushed and the strength gap between Meliodas and the other character makes the rest of the show seems meaningless.
Best Girl: Elizabeth Liones
Diane was best girl in both season 1 but was dethroned as she didn’t play that big of a role in this season and seizing the opportunity Elizabeth’s best girl points kept stacking!

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