Darwin’s Game (First Impression)

Darwin's Game

  • Studios: Nexus
  • Source: Manga
  • Genres: Action, Mystery, Shounen
  • Synopsis: “An unknowing Sudou Kaname is invited to try out a new mysterious mobile app game called Darwin’s Game, but later realizes that he’s in for more than he’s bargained for when he finds out that there’s no way to quit the game.” -Darwin’s Game (manga)

First Impression:

I’m not going to lie I have no idea what I’m getting myself into…but then again…do I ever?

Screen Shot 2020-01-13 at 10.28.18 PM.png

Awww look it’s a cute little mobile game! Oh my god, it’s an adorable panda with a knife!

Screen Shot 2020-01-13 at 10.29.13 PM.png


Screen Shot 2020-01-13 at 10.24.09 PM.png

We interrupt this program to bring you this CUTIE ALERT.

Screen Shot 2020-01-13 at 10.30.16 PM.pngScreen Shot 2020-01-13 at 10.30.34 PM.pngScreen Shot 2020-01-13 at 10.30.59 PM.png

Now if only they’d deliver my 5 star waifus when I win them in gatcha…

Screen Shot 2020-01-13 at 10.32.47 PM.pngScreen Shot 2020-01-13 at 10.33.27 PM.png

A waifu that can kill me? I can finally die in peace…



Well…that ended up being more of a montage of terrible jokes than an actual first impression. Darwin’s Game’s first episode ends at a whopping 48 minutes! It’s quite a commitment to start the show and to be honest…I don’t think it’s worth it. The first episode shows what the animation and the storyline will give us the next 11 episodes and I’m intrigued but not awed. First of all, the choices made by the protagonist, Kaname, are questionable at best. The story also moves at an insane pace, even with the 48 minutes that it had. I’m really iffy about the show but will continue for the sake of ANIME SCIENCE!

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