Ochikobore Fruit Tart (First Impression)

Ochikobore Fruit Tart

  • Studios: feel.
  • Source: Manga
  • Genres: Music, Slice of Life
  • Synopsis: “Fourth dormitory of the Rat Production (commonly known as Nezumi-sou)—the place where dropout idol girls live: the former child actor Sekino Roko, musician Nukui Hayu, and model Maehara Nina. Sakura Ino, who always dreamed of becoming an idol, moves in. At the same time, the decision is made to demolish the dormitory. Due to the project launched by the manager Kajino Hoho, “Ochikobore Fruit Tart,” occupants of the dormitory form a new idol group called “Fruit Tart” and start their activities in order to repay a one hundred million yen debt.”
-MU (edited by MyAnimeList)

First Impression:

Ochikobore Fruit Tart quickly caught my attention with its flashy key visuals and upbeat PV and then it hooked me in with the animation studio feel. I mean what does do you really need to be interested? Don’t worry, I’ll spell it out for you in the rest of this post! Let’s dive in!

We haven’t even gotten past the halfway point in the show and I’m already attached to this show. I mean, look at the beaming smile!!! Sorry, what I’m trying to say is that Ino’s personality and character design are so good and I’m already head over heels and ready to support her dreams!

And while I like Ino a lot let’s not forget the rest of the characters! We’ve got Roko the child actor, Nina the model, Hayu the musician, and Hemo who we haven’t seen yet! While they each have their own specialty, they also have their faults which landed them at the Nezumi-sou dorm!

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The comedic timing and the character dynamics are amusing, from Roko’s insecurity about her height to Ino’s aloof personality, everything just works really together. Not to mention the fun and colorful graphics popping in and out of the scene. There’s also a heavy use of character doodles and chibi sprites to display different emotions like shock and disbelief! There’s hardly a boring moment in the story but if there was, the artwork makes up for it in its diversity.

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I see our manager is a woman of culture as well! But again it’s that comedic timing and the expected yet unexpected results that bring a smile to your face. This first episode focused on introductions and the girls first task which was to hand out flyer but what else is in store for them? Will we be stuck with them messing around or will it end in success? I’m hoping they make it big and perform at a big venue!

We’ll end the first impression with some cute photos of out favorite idols!



As a sucker for idol anime, I admit I am a bit biased BUT there are few idol anime shows that I would recommend to fellow anime watchers that are not into the genre/aesthetic. Ochikobore Fruit Tart blends this border between cute girls doing cute things and idol anime making it a great bridge for those that love CGDCT and are interesting in the idol aesthetic. While it isn’t a traditional idol anime as the girls do have other specialties and it focuses more on comedy, it’s still a worthy watch for any idol junky! If you like ZombieLand Saga, then you’ll probably like this one too!

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