The Kore Wa Watashi Blog Award! (1-31-21)

Hi Anime Gang!

With the Winter 2021 First Impressions series finally over, it’s time to catch up on tag posts! Thank you so much Annie, for tagging me on this fun post!! (psst if you haven’t checked out her blog already, I highly suggest you do!)

And a before we get into the post, a BIG THANK YOU to Pinkie for creating this tag! I’m very excited to be a part of it!

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The Rules:

  • The Purpose of this tag is very simple! Describe yourself through anime! To do this you will answer all of the questions below!
  • After this is done you will tag 6 people to pass the tag onto! If you’re tagged for a second time you only have to tag 3 in your next post and 1 on your third attempt and should you so choose beyond. Tell us why you nominated these people!
  • People who ask to be tagged should be added to your tag list with a link to their blog!
  • Tell something nice about them as well.
  • Remember to have fun with the tag and be proud of who you are, you are an amazing person and the fact that so many anime and anime characters share traits with you shows you are pretty breathtaking!

The Questions:

Describe a hobby or passion you have through an anime series! For example Shokugeki no Soma if you like cooking or Initial D if you like cars.

Photon Maiden (D4DJ: First Mix)

I think most of my hobbies can be condensed into D4DJ: First Mix! It’s really got everything from music production, anime, live concerts, arts and visuals, and even vinyl records! That’s a lot, let’s break it down!

Music Production

I’ve been writing music for sometime and have recently switched over to DAWs (Digital Audio Workstation) and creating music digitally, opposed to how I used to do it (playing chords progressions on my guitar and writing it down on a piece of paper lol). This was a big learning curve but it’s been a really fun experience in a lot of ways! And to see the characters in D4DJ like Maho (Happy Around) and Saki (Photon Maiden) create remixes and songs from scratch brought back those feelings I would have when I was writing music! Along with music production there is also the Djing aspect which I also enjoy doing! I’ve held a couple of performances already and it’s a thrill to see the reaction of the audience when you switch over to either a song they love or a completely unexpected one!


Well this one is pretty self explanatory, the show is an anime and I run an anime blog! Anime has been a big part of my life since early high school after my friend convinced me to watch Death Note with him (he stopped through 1/3 of the show and I ended watching it all the way to the end and LOVE IT). One of the reasons why I started this blog was the have some closure for my feelings when I finished a show (you know that empty feeling you get when you finish a good book or catch up/ finish a long show? Yeah that feeling). But that’s a story for another time haha.

Live Concerts

I LOVE LIVE CONCERTS. Before the pandemic hit, I was going to show at least once a month, most of the time they were raves or concert focused on EDM (electronic dance music). I love hearing live music and randomly meeting new people who also enjoy the same music! The atmosphere is magical and I’m starting to getting withdrawals! Ah! But I love how well done the concerts are done within D4DJ, from the visuals to the choreography! It brings back those happy feelings but I still miss going to the real thing…

Arts and Visuals

The art and visuals of the show are some of my favorites of all time! Speaking of art, I’ve made a hobby of drawings (mostly anime but I also draw architectural buildings and interiors as well!) and trying my best to participate in Inktober (or artober because the creator of inktober has copyrighted the event) to improve as much as I can although I usually end up too busy as I’m juggling my 40-hour day job and the fall anime line up with its first impressions. Sometimes I’m able to do it, but most of the time it’s midnight by the time I start drawings so I’m always behind. But I have started switching over to digital art! There’s a big learning curve but I hope to get better!

Vinyl Records

I’ve very recently picked u pa hobby of buying and keeping vinyl records. There’s something about have a vinyl collection that has a classy ring to it. It also goes hand in hand with DJing and though they don’t use vinyls in performances in D4DJ, the cafe that Happy Around frequent usually has one playing in the background!

Simplify yourself to an Anime Archetype (Tsundere, Dojiko, Shota, Shounen-Protagonist etc)  don’t overthink what an archetype is, go with your gut. Name a character that is also that Archetype.

Hmm interesting question…I think I’m somewhere between a Deredere and an Onii-chan type of character? I usually have quite a bit of energy when hanging around others and I always like to have fun and do things in a nonconventional way but at the same time I like to help people if they need assistance like giving advice or tips. And from time to time I like to tease just for the fun of it! With that in mind I think these characters match the best!

✯ Sugawara Koushi – sugar & spice [Haikyuu AMV] - YouTube
Sugawara Koshi (Haikyuu!)
Netflix: Who Should Play Sanji in the Live-Action One Piece?
Sanji (One Piece)
My Images for Yahya - Stadia Community
Sakata Gintoki (Gintama)

Describe your looks through comparing it with anime characters, you can decide how many!

At the moment my hair is shaved on the sides with the top being long (I’m going for that samurai knot LOL). Basically what my logo shows really lol. But if I had to pick some characters, it would be a combination of the ones below!

What is Levi Ackerman's haircut called? - Quora
Levi Ackermann (Shingeki no Kyojin)
Kousei Arima ~Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso | Your lie in april, Anime, You lied
Kousei Arima (Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso)

Just imagine Arima with Levi’s haircut and I think that’s pretty close LOL!

Describe your romantic bias and or sexuality through anime characters you find attractive.

AH BUT THERE ARE SO MANY LOL! I really love characters that know what they’re doing and look like they have their stuff together! Characters that need their hand held can be cute but I usually gravitate towards “independent woman” type of characters! If I could pick just three, it would be these lovely ladies!

♡ twitter: @capitavers ♡ icons: ♡ ♡
Koyanagi Hanako (Wotakoi)
Killer Motive (Assassination Classroom × Male!OC) - Femme Fatale Time -  Wattpad
Irina Jelavic (Ansatsu Kyoushitsu)
Utako Sakura (Hinamatsuri)

Tell us about your day to day life and what anime that would fit into! You can be creative here!

Well this section would’ve been a lot cooler pre pandemic but I’ll see what I can do LOL. If you didn’t know already I’m actually an architect by day, so I sit at my desk make construction documents (the blueprints that the contractors use to build a building!) I also answer emails and calls from said contractor if they have any problems on site. It’s a interesting job because I get to design pretty awesome buildings! Then afterwards I like to indulge in some of my hobbies (see first section of this post), which mostly involve watching anime lol.

Comiket 97 - cedar1990的創作- 巴哈姆特
Kobayashi (Kobayashi-san chi no Maid Dragon)

This is me most of the day typing away and starting at a screen and occasionally heading over to the site of construction to have a meeting or two while examining the construction process. There’s never a boring day and always something to do.

One-Punch Man - S1E6 - The Terrifying City | Project Fandom
Saitama (One Punch Man)

Annnnnd on my off time I’m usually doing this LOL. Watching anime or playing video games. Oh and sometimes I like to pretend to be a blogger that knows things about anime! It’s a fulfilling life but I would like to be able to live off of the things that I create eventually like music or some other content! An office job for the rest of my life does not sound fun.

Describe your hopes and dreams through an anime character.

Welcome to the Misery Shack!
[From left to right] Carole, Angela, Tuesday (Carole & Tuesday)

I think Carole & Tuesday really bring it together in a nice pretty package. I think my dream is not only being able to express myself through my art but I hope that one day everyone can live in peace without fear of judgement for what they like or how they live. We’re all human and therefore should all be treated equally. Cheesy ending and maybe overly optimistic but I hope to see this kind of world one day. Spread love not hate! Alright that’s enough from me hahaha.

My Nominations:


Umai Yomu Anime Blog

How Anime Stuff Works

KS Blogs


100 Word Anime

These nominations are done because I enjoy these blogs quite a bit! I also linked posts that I found interesting from their blogs! Definitely check them all out!

Also if you’re not on this list but want to be…let me know in the comments below! I’ll be more than happy to add more to the list!

Well, that was a fun post to write about! I hope you all enjoyed and got to know me a little bit more! Was there anything that surprising or unexpected? Let me know in the comments below!


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