Re-Main (First Impression)

  • Studios: MAPPA
  • Source: Original
  • Genres: Sports, School
  • Synopsis: “The story centers on Minato Kiyoumizu, a boy who quit playing water polo after an incident during the winter of his third year of junior high school. After entering high school, he makes a promise and decides to try water polo again and join the school’s team with his friends. However, the new team will run into problems along the way…” -MAL News

First Impression:

MAPPA being the animation studio is one the biggest reasons why I’m picking this one up, though I’ve always had a soft spot for sports anime regardless of the sport. There’s an aesthetic and intensity to sports anime that you can’t find in any other genre. Sure, shounen is great but sometimes the overarching story is too overwhelming and there’s a possibility that a character can I don’t know…DIE?! There’s a lot less stress with just as much action! But I digress…let’s DIVE into Re-Main!

Well that’s one way of starting off the show! A 203 day coma with no recollection of the past 3 years of his life. The story is quite heavy from the get go. Though it’s interesting to see Minato interact with the world around him since he’s technically a middle schooler mentally and a high schooler physically. I’m curious as to how the story will develop!

Re-Main’s opening sequence is flashy and colorful with each team member getting some of the spotlight throughout it. The animation crisp and clean, as we’d be expect from MAPPA! I didn’t really mind the CGI water but we’ll have to see how I feel after we see it in an actual match.

The greatest thing about Minato is that he’s pretty relatable! Who needs to study and get into the best school when there’s manga to read! Jokes aside, here we’re seeing Minato’s carefree middle school side but when will we he him grow? I mean it’s bound to happen, at some point he’ll have to catch up mentally to everyone else and that will spark something within him to move forward again.

And last but not least, let’s appreciate the really nice water color aesthetic that the backgrounds have! I have a soft spot for this art style though it seems like this will be a rare occurrence as sports anime don’t focus on a lot of scenery but more on the action and characters. Still it’s a nice touch!



I’m kind of half and half, on one hand I’m not convinced that the story has enough depth to be able to enjoy but at the same time my curiosity about the end result as well as the animation quality has me thinking about it continuously. Ultimately if you asked me if I would recommend this, I would reply with yes watch it because there might be something that could really be special, if it plays its cards right!

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