Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo! [9/10]

Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo! (or KonoSuba for short) is a pure comedy with a RPG game type setting. Our Protag-kun, Kazuma, dies in the first episodes because of a HORRIBLE HORRIBLE ACCIDENT, and thus he is transported to the lands of the gods and goddess where he is given another shot at life in another world where the Demon Lord reigns with fear. He is tasked to defeat the Demon Lord and free this world, and to help him the goddess allows him to choose one thing to bring with him into the new world, it could’ve been an ability, looks, items, you name it. But the goddess was a being little snotty and as a prank on her, Kazuma decides to bring her into this world and thus begins the adventure of Kazuma and Aqua XD. KonoSuba is one of those anime that will keep you laughing over and over and over until you can hardly breathe! The characters are absolutely HILARIOUS. Every single character has at least one screw loose if not more XD. There’s no real backbone to the story besides them just living their lives inside of the town that they started in. But the situations that the party lands themselves in are some of the most outrageous and comical scenes I’ve ever seen in anime! The character designs and the artwork weren’t the best, but the comedy is so good that I honestly think that it doesn’t even matter! KonoSuba is an instant Hook-line-and-sinker. The comedy and the characters really make the anime great. The animation itself wasn’t too bad throughout, but it was stepped up a notch in the last episode, the break spell and explosions were so great Megumin and Aqua would’ve been so proud XD. I highly recommend this if you really like comedies and RPG settings because it references back to RPG struggles like farming, leveling up, new skills etc.


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