Overlord [10/10]

Overlord is yet another anime that based in a game like world, BUT don’t let this “game themed” anime fool you. Overlord has a very deep and complex story, almost like Log Horizon in the way that the characters are very descriptive when talking about the mechanics of the game. Not only that our main character is actually a real softy, with a lot of humorous internal dialogues XD. MadHouse did an amazing job with Overlord: the character designs are really nice, the story isn’t too slow but it isn’t too fast either which is great because it really keeps you interesting and wanting more. Character developing was very minimal, and by minimal I mean Momon was the only one who really got anything, which the story flashes back to when he was with his friends. Other than that we don’t really have any info for the other characters, but it’s really not that much to complain about since the story was still really and nice and fluid. I like the use of 3d for monster, it reminds you that this is still based off of a game, plus it just feels right. The final episode had a lot of new story elements that could possibly hint at a season 2 (fingers crossed) hopefully it comes in the spring or summer season of 2016!!


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