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Tokyo Ghoul:re [Review]

Tokyo Ghoul:re gives a slightly twisted to the story that we all know and love. Through the eyes of Sasaki Haise we learn about ghouls through the eyes of a dove, a member of the CCG. With gruesome carnage and a variety of new characters, Tokyo Ghoul:re relights the flame that was seen in fans back with the first Tokyo Ghoul originally aired. And with the next Tokyo Ghoul:re season fast approaching in October of 2018, there is no better time to catch up!

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Ballroom e Youkoso [Review]

Dancing isn’t just a sport, it’s also an art which makes it that much more difficult you make yourself stand out from the crowd. Ballroom e Youkoso does exactly that, with colorful animation and characters and a heart-wrenching underdog story about Tatara, a boy who discovered the world of dance and trenches through the abyss to find the place where he belongs. A wonderful masterpiece that all should give a try.

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New Game!! [Review]

New game!! continues to be one of the cutest anime I’ve seen to date, the story revolving around games is also a plus. The animation quality carries over from the previous season and still brightens my day with its wonderful color palette. Though it ended on a very good note, I’m hoping there another season in the works!

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