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Hinamatsuri (First Impression)

Nitta, a member of the Yakuza as well as a fan of vase collecting, has an eventful encounter…a strange cocoon-like object falls upon his head and inside was a young girl named Hina. She possesses strange powers like Telekinesis, which caused a lot of problems for Nitta as his entire vase collection was destroyed by said girl. If Hina doesn’t use her power regularly she risks the chance of going berserk and destroying the world. And thus began the daily struggle of Nitta and Hina’s lives together. 

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Mahou Shoujo Ore (First Impression)

Uno Saki is an idol in training along with her childhood friend Mikage Sakuya. One day after performing in a concert, that no one attended, Saki comes home to find a scary Yazuka man trying to kick down her front door. Through a turn of events, it turns out that Saki finds out that her mom is actually an ex-magical girl and that the scary yakuza man was actually her mascot!! Since Saki’s mother is getting older she can’t protect the town anymore as a magical girl, so Saki is to take her place to restore peace and order. What’s her magical power you ask? Well, she turns into a handsome man in a tight and unfit magical girl uniform of course! Saki punches her way through the cute yet very muscular demons for justice! 

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Wotaku ni Koi wa Muzukashii (First Impression)

Momose Narumi is an “in the closet” otaku who also never had the great luck with men. After having her secret exposed her boyfriend broke up with her and she couldn’t face the humiliation to return to the office where her, now, ex-boyfriend works. With a determination for a new life in another office, she finally lands a job only to find out that her otaku friend, Nifuji Hirotaka from middle school, also works there! Will this random encounter be just a friendly reunion or will it blossom into something even more?  

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Violet Evergarden [Review]

If the marvelous artwork didn’t already get your attention then the story will and it’ll hook you to the end. Violet Evergarden is a wonderful masterpiece the exceeded all expectations with flying colors. From wonderful art and scenery to a powerful and moving story, Violet Evergarden will have you in awe of its wonderful characters and phenomenal soundtrack.

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Shokugeki no Souma: San no Sara – Toutsuki Ressha-hen (First Impression)

Barely surviving the “clean up” that Central had initiated, the Polaris Dorm now must face an even greater challenge, the advancement exam! The advancement exam will take place in Hokkaido. Students will travel from location to location moving from the south of Hokkaido to the very north where the final exam will take place. However; the advancement exam will favor those who side with central. How will our beloved group of friends make it through this seemingly impossible exam when it seems like the world is against them? 

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