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Asobi Asobase (First Impression)

Asobi Asobase is about Olivia (an American student born and raised Japan), Hanako (an athletic but air-headed girl), and Kasuki (The silent and cool type of girl) and their everyday life playing simple Japanese games. It all came about when it was discovered that Kasuki is terrible at English and so in exchange for showing Olivia simple Japanese culture through games, Olivia was to teach her English. Olivia, however, doesn’t know any English being raised in Japan creating this awkward tension that would eventually lead to a great friendship. 

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Harukana Receive (First Impression)

Oozora Haruka just moved to Okinawa, to live with her cousin Higa Kanata and their grandparents. Haruka is tall and full of energy, whereas Kanata is short and very quiet. Not being able to contain her excitement of finally living in Okinawa and being so close to the beach Haruka ventures out on her own. Through a series of events, Haruka meets two beach volleyball players. The energy and excitement of the match makes Haruka hunger for another and she drags Kanata, who seems to shrinks the moment she hears beach volleyball, along with her. Could this unlikely duo be the ones to make it to the top? 

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Hanebado! (First Impression)

Nagisa Aragaki, a third year, lost in extremely important match against Ayano Hanesaki. After the match, Nagisa, still burdened by the loss, takes her anger out on the other members of the badminton club, while Ayano loses the motivation to even stay in the sports. Through a twisted string of fate, they meet each other again at Kanagawa Prefectural Kitakomachi High School. Will this meeting change the fate of the Badminton club? 

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