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Medaka Box [7/10]

After playing as Medaka countless times in J All-Star Vs+ my curiosity got the better of me and I decided to watch the anime. I really enjoyed the comedy side of the anime and the Medaka’s funny quirks throughout the show (Like all of her great costumes XD). Although there wasn’t too much character development which this time I wasn’t

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Psycho-Pass: The Movie [10/10]

WOW JUST WOOOOOOW. After seeing the entire masterpiece, I can assure you that words cannot describe how beautifully crafted this movie was. Everything about the movie was utterly flawless, the story, the animation, the references back to the original anime, and even deeper character development for our beloved characters from both season 1 and season 2. The quality of the

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Re-Kan [8/10]

Re-kan is a fun comedy that involves Amami and her friends as they go through the Shenanigans that come along with Amami’s sixth sense. Although I didn’t like the characters designs, like the coloration of the characters and how the eyes are shown through the hair, I much prefer the character designs that were shown in the ED of the

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Psycho-Pass [10/10]

Psycho-Pass was PHENOMENAL!! I’m kinda mad at myself for putting this anime off for such a long time! Everything was so well done, from the story development to the character designs but the thing I like the most about Psycho-Pass was the psychological aspect of it. The way the characters thought, their differences and similarities, their perspective on how society

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