What do you write about?

I typically write first impressions and review of anime that I’ve watched! I’m currently writing a fan fiction called Sword Art Online: Revive (which is just SAO but with my own characters!). And I also write Top Ten Lists of various subjects, all in the hopes that I can show you new anime for you to watch!

How much anime have you watched? 

Haha too many! You can see my exact numbers on my Anilist!

When do you post?

This is my schedule as of right now!

Full Anime Reviews –

Wednesday and Saturdays.

Anime First Impression –

Typically the night that the episode airs.

Sword Art Online: Revive –

First Saturday of every month.

How can I help with this site?

You can help me tremendously by liking and commenting on my site as well as reblogging/retweeting/sharing from your preferred social media!

Donating is also another option and you can either become a patron on my Patreon, or donate to the site through Ko-Fi!